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moebuntu Icon Themes

moebuntu Icon Themes

MoePinkIcons (moebuntu original Icon Theme)

MoePinkIcons(moebuntu Customized Icon Theme)

♥ MoePinkIcons (MoePinkIcons_170531.tar.gz) download here. (Updated May 31, 2017)

*For installing it in the conventional way, please see "HOW TO MOEBUNTU" page.
To Prepare

moebuntu Sound Theme

Moesound_iori (for Ubuntu 8.10 and later)

♥ Moesound_iori download (Updated August 16, 2017)
♥ Moesound_maid_iori (Akiba-style Maid Voice set) download
♥ Moesound_SF_iori (Sci-fi Sound Effects set) download

*How to install them, see the “Sound moe-nizing” page.
*It is much appreciated for "KOENOWOTO--iori's voice note--" to have offered this Moe Sound Theme(Moesound_iori).


This sound theme is posted by “MGdesigner” from Taiwan.
He created this with HATSUNEMIKU (by wine) on Ubuntu Studio. It sounds a bit Chinese style.
♥ Moesound_MGd download

*How to install them, see the “Sound moe-nizing” page.
*魔法設計師 (MGdesigner) 魔法設計的藝術
inserted by FC2 system